Get Paid To Post Our Classified Ads into Craigslist, Backpage, Oodle, Kijiji, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Offline, Flyers, Newspapers, and Anywhere Else You Can Think Of!


We need as many workers as possible to help us post classified ads – we simply cannot post them ourselves fast enough! These ads are proven to convert and when you post them you are practically guaranteed to make money! This is because our clients pay you directly every time the ad you post is answered! You make money for every free signup your ads generate! Simply copy and paste your unique ads that are provided in your account, and post them into popular websites like craigslist and backpage, oodle, kijiji, other online classifieds, and even offline with flyers, newspapers or any other technique you can think of!

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How Does This Ad Poster Job Work?


  • We will pay you for every free signup your ad generates as well as every sale it generates!
  • Every ad you post should generate multiple signups per day…. so there is no limit on how much money each ad you post can make!
  • We provide the ads with your affiliate link already embedded – just copy and paste them as instructed, or re-write them if you wish to be more unique.
  • Every ad available to post has been tested and proven to convert, WE KNOW THEY WORK BECAUSE WE POST THEM DAILY OURSELVES! This how we know you are practically guaranteed to make money with every ad you post!
  • Best of all – it’s FREE to join and you can start making money today!

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How Do I Get Paid For Posting Ads?

The process is very simple:

  • When you place an ad, your unique affiliate link tracks every click, signup, and sale you get.
  • When the visitor completes the free signup form you get paid!
  • When the visitor completes a free trial or makes a purchase you also get paid!
  • The more ads you post, the more money you make!
  • Your commissions stats are updated instantly so you can see results from day one!
  • Payouts are sent via paypal, google wallet, or money order by mail on the last day of every month for the previous month’s earnings (net30).

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